Globe Chain


Our founding team consists of ex-colleagues and friends, with multiple years of experience working on blockchain applications.

Core Team

Mr Y (Co-founder) :
The key person in the company. He is the main architect of the project and he initiated this project from scratch. He oversees overall project development and makes important decisions from marketing to overall project development.
Vicha (Co-founder) :
Vicha is a technology expert with diverse experience equipped under his belt. His passion for blockchain technology drives him to the pinnacle of the industry.
Isaac (Marketing & Social Expert) :
With over four years of experience within the BSC space, he has a logical and creative mindset when leading marketing strategies for multiple projects. He’s currently Head of Marketing at Globe Group and leads various insights and growth strategies.
Nicole (Graphic Designer) :
Nicole is the graphic designer at Globe. He is simply unique in his kind. beautiful creations and awesome ideas One look at his creations is enough to understand what it is all about.
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