Globe Chain

What is Globe?

A clear view about Globe

"Globe Chain - The simplest way to make a connection"

Globe Chain is a project that aims to support decentralized financial applications, blockchain open source, and smart contracts. Globe's goal is to be a successful scaling solution and drive rapid growth.
Globe's goal is to provide a platform for developers to launch decentralized applications; while helping to reduce transaction costs, support multi-language as well as increase the performance of transactions.
Globe's characteristics:
  • Decentralized: Globe chain operates independently according to computer algorithms, completely not controlled by any one organization. Therefore, Globe chain avoids risks from 3rd parties.
  • Distributed: Blocks contain the same data but are distributed in many different places. Immutable: Once data has been written into the block of the Globe chain, it cannot be changed or modified, due to the nature of the consensus algorithm and the hash code.
  • Confidentiality: Only the holder of the Private Key can access the data inside the Globe chain.
  • Transparency: The transactions in the Globe chain are recorded and everyone can check these transactions. Based on that, we can check and retrieve the transaction history. One can even decentralize to allow others to access part of the information on the Globe chain.
  • Smart contract integration: Based on which the terms written in the smart contract will be executed when the previous conditions are satisfied, no one can prevent or cancel it.
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